Rosemary Patten

Phone: (419) 288-2890 ext. 9


Hours: by appointment OR

February 9, 2019: 9a-12p

February 23, 2019: 12:30p-3:30p

More office hours will be posted as they are available

General Information

-As of 2017, the Village of Bradner will be collecting their own income taxes.

-The Village of Bradner’s income tax rate is 1.0%: at this time.

-Filing is mandatory for all Bradner residents and businesses located within the village, unless exempt from paying local municipal income tax.

-Individuals under 18 are not exempt from paying municipal income tax.

-Lottery/gambling income is taxable with no minimum.

-Rental income is taxable with no minimum.


Property Tax
Property taxes are administered through the Wood County Auditor’s Office. For information regarding Property taxes, please call (419) 354-9173 or visit their website at