Kerstan Kaminski
Fiscal Officer

Phone: (419) 288-2890, Extension #2

Income Tax Information


Tax Administrator: Rosemary Patten

Phone: (419) 288-2890 ext. 9

Property Tax
Property taxes are administered through the Wood County Auditor’s Office. For information regarding Property taxes, please call (419) 354-9173 or visit their website at


General Information

-As of 2017, the Village of Bradner will be collecting their own income taxes.

-The Village of Bradner’s income tax rate is 1.0%: at this time.

-Filing is mandatory for all Bradner residents and businesses located within the village, unless exempt from paying local municipal income tax.

-Individuals under 18 are not exempt from paying municipal income tax.

-Lottery/gambling income is taxable with no minimum.

-Rental income is taxable with no minimum.

-Quarterly estimates of tax must be made regardless of the anticipated amount due.


Tax Forms

2016 Income Tax Instructions

2016 Income Tax Return

2016 Annual Reconciliation form

2017 Estimated Quarterly Income Tax

2017 Employer’s Monthly Withholding

2017 Employers Quarterly Withholding